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Our 7 month old fridge-freezer started making a beeping noise, we discovered that a wire in the door had snapped, it took a week to get an engineer out, and a following 3 weeks to get the part in and an engineer out to repair it - in this time another wire broke - this messed up the temperature (fridge +18 and freezer -35 degrees), the freezer being so cold resulted in the control motor overworking and then breaking down, so another engineer visit, and another week to get the control motor fitted (was told 3 weeks, but after an argument got it down to 1 week), to be told they would have to order a further 6 parts - another 1-2 weeks waiting time. For a total of 5 weeks we had no working fridge freezer 9would have been 7 had we waited for the 6 parts to be fitted), which Hisense...
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Hisense Rb403n4ac2 Refrigerator
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